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Life insurance can offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will continue to be financially secure if you were to die or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Life Insurance protects your family when the unthinkable happens Get a Quote

You work hard to provide for your family. In fact, there is probably nothing you wouldn’t do to ensure their financial security. But what if something unexpected happened to you and your family had no income?

Life insurance can offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will continue to be financially secure if you were to die or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The policy you choose can help pay off a mortgage, eliminate debt, cover education expenses for children, and provide your family with the ability to maintain the lifestyle you worked hard to achieve.

How would your family cope if you are not there to provide an income? Get a Quote

Life insurance policies can vary significantly. For that reason it is important to have an understanding of all the differences between insurers. Our insurance specialist can assist you.

Having the right life insurance policy in place can make all the difference when it comes to assuring your family is financially secure at a time when they need it most.

Your life insurance policy pays out an agreed lump sum on the life insured if that person suffers a terminal illness or passes away during the term of the life insurance policy. Its purpose is to protect those dependent on you from the financial loss associated with your terminal illness and death.

Comparing Life Insurance products is not easy.  Different products are targeted better at different personal situations Get a Quote

Life Insurance provides a lump sum that will enable you to:

  • Pay out the mortgage or remaining debts
  • Continue the children’s education
  • Supplement any loss of family income
  • Help the family members achieve their life goals
  • Keep the family business running
  • Cover any medical or funeral costs

Life Insurance can protect your family's future in the event you are unable to provide for them Get a Quote

Eric was a 40-year-old surveyor, married 18 years and raising a 16 year-old daughter. His wife Amanda was a homemaker, and Eric’s income supported the family. Eric consulted a professional adviser mainly to structure a financial plan so he could eventually assist Jessica purchase her first house. He also purchased a life insurance policy for $500,000.

Just 10 years later, on a day that began as ordinarily as any other day, Eric felt unwell and left work early. Within an hour of arriving home he suffered a heart attack and died.

The life insurance policy Eric started 10 years earlier allowed Amanda to maintain their lifestyle and will provide Jessica with a deposit for her first house, just as Eric had planned.

Life Insurance can protect your family's lifestyle if you are no longer there to provide for them financially Get a Quote

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